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Sales Management

Nest2Fly has an exclusive marketing partnership with the technology owner and provider of this product; we promote the brand and the product through our network of contacts but also by mobilizing our sales lead generation experts. This innovative product benefits from multiple approvals such as UK Cards and SAMA in Saudi Arabia for instance.

We are assigned the task of developing this business geographically; this partnership is generating incremental revenues to our client-partner in multiple areas in the world.

We are proactively executing a business plan we built to our client, and prospecting potential leads; Certain wins are posted in the success stories page.

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Professional Services

The client, an investor wished to launch an online payment platform for which we were called to build the business model and plan. We structured the operations and set the policies and procedures.


We accompanied the client shaping the sales and marketing strategy, providing all required market segmentation, promotion and communication plan, sales argumentation, all supporting documents, such as presentations, leaflets and brochures etc. We also contributed substantially in the e-marketing campaigns.

Shadow Management

The client has requested from Nest2Fly to accompany its management in building a development plan for the company and an operating model for the factory to help positioning it the best in the domestic and regional market.

At a later stage we were called to provide management services and talents to run multiple positions in the plant

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