Business Development

With Nest2Fly business development, your company is sure to succeed. Nest2Fly business development strategies help companies build their reputation, grow their sales and increase their company revenue. With our public relations and promotion techniques, we can obtain that your company is accepted by the selected prospects and listed or considered for bidding.

We get to know your company and choose the very best marketing and promotional opportunities to help take your company to new heights.

Certain segments of the market or certain clients require for instance that products are type approved and vendor to proceed to a proof of concept or a pilot project; we accompany you through this process, along with strong PR to develop your business.



We will sell your products and services and choose the best sales strategy, whether we choose with a direct approach or indirect to achieve your revenue generation, Nest2Fly will help you do it the optimum way. Our sales outsourcing and hosting are flexible and meant to adapt to our clients goals. We mentor your assigned sales people while you still manage them as you wish. We also provide advisory and search missions, assessment and qualification of the best distribution channel.



Marketing your brand appropriately is very important for having a successful business and an increasing number of sales. Nest2Fly gets to know your brand in order to use suitable marketing techniques. Our marketing offering includes efficient promotion by organizing road shows and targeted seminars. We also offer re-branding services by designing logos, slogans and all the supportive sales documents and stationary, contributing in rightly positioning you in the market. Our e-Marketing services not only increase your visibility, enhance your brand image and value, but also improve your company results overall.

Our offer also includes designing and developing websites with state of the art web graphics, mobile apps and ecommerce. We build, manage and monitor the online activity around your company via social media marketing and networking, email marketing and search engine optimization.


Lead Generation

It is a process of collecting names and contact information about qualified prospects, understanding their nature of business, identifying the pain-points and centering the marketing strategy on their needs in order to close deals.

Data mining, direct emailing and calling are used precisely matching the right service and product with the contact responsibility and interest to protect our client’s image and increase the efficiency of the methodology


Inside Sales

Is about providing Sales & Marketing support by making outbound sales calls to understand and interpret technical requirements and convert the calls into sales opportunities. Inside Sales executives prospect and qualify the lead, can close a deal or transfer to senior sales as it may require.

They properly manage the pipeline by diligently recording interactions with their customers (such as calls made, emails sent, etc.)

The inside sales executives participate in preparing campaigns using social media tools and CRMs.


C-Level Surveys

Satisfaction programs provide excellent feedback to top management and shareholders, your clients like to know their opinion matter, they will see these programs help set the corrective measures. Overall, all of your departments are challenged with the statistical and qualitative outcomes leading to global improvement of your company’s net profit through customer retention.


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